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Families who are managing an estate that has Real-estate involved are often faced with complex decision to make on how to sell the real-estate. This is often compounded on top of just dealing with the loss of loved one or sometimes helping an elderly member of the family transition into their next phase of housing.

  • How do I get the house ready to sell?
  • How do I get all this stuff cleaned out?
  • How much money do I want to put into fixing the house up?
  • How many months will it take to sell the house?
  • How do I protect a vacant home?
  • Should I work with an Investor? Should I call a Realtor?
  • Who can I trust?

Each family working with an estate will answer these questions differently based on the unique situation they find themselves in. We understand that and that is why we help by understanding what is most important to you, help you understand your options, and link you up with the resources that best fits your needs; weather that’s selling your property directly to ReEnergize Properties, selling to one of our trusted Investor Network, or working with one of our team of Realtors.

We Buy Homes

For many families the convenience of selling the property quickly and easily to a trusted home buyer is most important. Often times families are not interested in making costly repairs, dealing with cleaning the house out, not close to check in on a vacant property and handle the lawn and snow removal…

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Network Of Trusted Investors

Some families for different reasons want or need to sell to the investor community but need multiple offers either as a condition of the probate or because of creditor demands. Making calls to find credible investors you can trust and finding the time to meet and manage competing offers can be time consuming…

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Realtor Team

Some situations are clearly best to list with a realtor sell on the retail buyers. Even then many estate situations require a realtor who understands and will work and respect the desires of the estate in how the property is marketed and the acceptable terms of the offers. Rather than focusing on what will drive the highest commission…

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By | February 9th, 2017|

I am often the first to tell families when I think they should be working with a realtor rather than an investors, but I also help them understand the pro’s and con’s in going that [...]


“After my brother passed away a year ago, I listed his home with a real estate agent for six months with no results, I decided to call HomeVestors and some other investors. The other investors weren’t sure about anything, but my HomeVestors representative spent a lot of time with me explaining various solutions to our situation. I was very impressed with the information she gave me, plus the price was just what I needed to help my brother’s children. (HomeVestors was) looking out for my best interests and I came away impressed with the service. I would gladly recommend HomeVestors.”

Felicia L. Gaines

“Losing a parent is always difficult, and having to sell the family home is very difficult under the best of circumstances. My mother stayed in her home probably longer than she should have. Following her death, it took me several months to look over her home and make some decisions about repairs she had not done in the last five years.One morning on the way to work, I had made up my mind to have everything simply hauled away for trash, then sell the house. That’s when I saw the HomeVestors billboard, as if it was through providence, the universe, God, had put it there for me.HomeVestors made every step of the process incredibly easy. When we found a lien against the house that no one knew about, the HomeVestors staff was so supportive. At the closing, I was very emotional, and the local HomeVestors (franchisee) brought me a plant. How thoughtful, considerate and professional. Thank you HomeVestors.”

Barbara W. Brown

“Letting go is hard to do. At least that’s the way my sister and I felt when it came to selling my parents’ home. The house was in great need of repair. I saw the job of cleaning out their home, repairing and selling it, as an overwhelming and time consuming burden. That’s when I decided to talk to HomeVestors.HomeVestors seemed to understand my unique situation. I found them open to discussion, knowledgeable and willing to work with me to negotiate a fair price. They returned my calls quickly and went out of their way to help, far beyond expectation. I would certainly recommend HomeVestors as a good solution to someone who finds himself in such a unique situation as I was.”

Bob Ramsey

“The HomeVestors office was very professional and friendly. They really simplified the home selling process for us. I would absolutely recommend HomeVestors to anyone in the same situation.”

Kathy Marion

“I wanted to thank HomeVestors for the wonderful customer experience that I had selling my father’s home. The sensitivity in dealing with my 86-year-old father was most appreciated. Your kindness, flexibility and patience put my father at ease and most important, created a trust that made it easier for him to let go of a house he has lived in for 50 years. You allowed us plenty of time to move our possessions and your offer was most favorable.it’s so rare these days to find a company that is willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.here’s to your continued success. I will recommend you to all my friends.”

Linda April

“When my mother died, the family was at a loss on how to dispense of so many belongings, but most importantly, her house. She had never kept it up and we were quite embarrassed to show anyone how her home had fallen to such disrepair and neglect. The HomeVestors associate was sensitive to our needs and handled the closing quickly.HomeVestors made sure that our needs had been met, and the office staff always made themselves available at any time for questions or concerns.We accepted a very fair offer from HomeVestors because of the wonderful and professional people in their office, and their understanding of our situation. Working with HomeVestors made the issue of our mother’s passing go a lot easier for us.”